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Chaos Night Guidelines | Previous Chaos Night Winners

Most of the rules are exactly the same as last year with one NOTABLE EXCEPTION. To make things fairer for everyone else, we are going to DISQUALIFY the winners from the previous Chaos Nights. So if you've placed 1st or 2nd in previous years you can still play but you can't use the character you won with.

Just a few things to remember.....

  • You can only use one character, once you die you're out.
  • Both follow and group are disabled, making it quite difficult to form groups against individuals.
  • Safe rooms are no longer safe.
  • Both teleport and clone spells are disabled.
  • As the evening progresses, killer mobs begin roaming the streets making it in everyone's best interest to kill the other players early.
  • Any number of people can enter a tunnel.
  • Flee fails more often.
  • Wimpy doesn't work at all.
  • Cityguards and the jailmaster will ignore killers.
  • Charmed mobs can attack other players.
  • Impy will block locate, clair and who. Otherwise anyone can find you in the same area with the where command and anyone can see you in the same room.
  • Quest type equipment will be distributed randomly throughout the game.
  • The maximum damage per hit will be 500.


The prizes are pretty much the same as last year.

  • The player that makes the n'th kill will win a pair of +4 +4 onyx rings. The number for n is secret and only known to a select few.
  • The last player standing will be rewarded with 5 damage, 1 permanent spell affect, and one of -20 armor, 30 hps or 30 mana.
  • The second last player standing will be rewarded with 3 damage and one permanent spell affect.
  • The third last player standing will be rewarded with 1 damage and one of -20 armour, 30 hps or 30 mana.
  • FURY and HASTE cannot be chosen as the permanent affect.
  • The winner must provide the non-quest equipment for the additions, and the equipment must have the DAMROLL apply and the other apply chosen. Equipment with an empty apply space are acceptable. An empty space in the 3rd affect position does not count.

Remember anyone can win, and your character on the main mud site is totally unaffected. So what do you have to lose? Joinin at 6666 at 8:00 pm EST on October 31st.